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Breeding Contract – 2001

Wild Iron Walking Horses

21192 Great River Road  l  LeClaire, Iowa 52753  l  319-289-5486




Stallion: Prides Silver Charmer registration #972739


l Breeding Fee: $350.00 – due at time of Service            l Mare Care: $5.00 a day


Mare’s Registered Name:_____________________________________________________________


Age:_________Breed:______________Color:______________Registration #:__________________



This contract must be completed before this mare will be bred. Board rate and any veterinary fees that are incurred are payable at time of discharge.

Live Foal Guarantee:
The breeding is guaranteed for a foal that is born alive and stands and nurses 24 hours. Return privileges are guaranteed for the next breeding season, if the mare fails to produce a live foal, providing the stallion is available.

The mare owner may:

1.      Request to substitute an acceptable mare during the next breeding season, or

2.      Request a refund of the breeding fee.


Visiting mares must be current for the following vaccinations:

Rhino: o          Influenza: o     EEE/WEE  o   Tetanus o

Also suggested: Potomic Horse Fever o            Rabies   o


Date of Coggins: _______________________________Date of last worming: __________________


Owner Information:

Owner: ______________________________________Daytime Phone: ______________________


Address: _____________________________________Nighttime Phone: _____________________



Authorization of Treatment:

The owner or agent by signature below authorizes breeding and veterinary care (routine by permission & emergency). WIWH will make every reasonable effort to contact the owner by telephone in the event of an emergency. The owner of an insured mare must provide information regarding the company and policy at time of arrival. WIWH shall not be liable for damage or loss caused by circumstances beyond the control of WIWH. The owner or authorized, having read and fully understood the terms of this agreement, hereby agrees to these terms on:


Date: ____________________By: ____________________________________________________



Wild Iron Walking Horses: ­____________________________________________________________
Kathleena Wheeler


Please print two copies.