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Ebony Masterpiece—WGC




Ebony’s Bold Courier—WGC






Ann’s Merry Gal



Bold Design







Mark of Carbon—WGC




Mark’s Moonstone






Midnight Melinda Hal


Prides Silver Copy








Pride of Midnight




Prides John Grey






Smiths Midnight Lady










Delight Bumin Around—WGC




Bum’s Blue Streaker






Delightful Sundust





4 year old - 15.2 hh -
Dappled gray, star, strip & snip



Rodgers Merry Go Boy


Trouble In Town






Lil’s Gay Lass



Starlight Playman R







Rodgers Merry Go Boy




Go Boy’s Merryi-Lea






Staley Whirlaway


Playman’s Merry Darling








Shaker’s Shocker—WGC




Shockers Speedy Jack






Go Boy’s Dolly B.S.



Speedy Jacks Darling







Black Dust M.R.




Dusty Darling






My Darling